Questions on buying a house and apartment in Dubai - Part 1

Do you have questions about buying real estate in Dubai? Stéphane Maman, director and CEO of Prestige Immobilier Dubai agency, has all the answers!

In our comprehensive FAQ in 3 parts, you will find all the information for buying an apartment or a house in Dubai. We will talk about the purchasing process, legal framework, best locations, and much more.

If your question is not included in our FAQ on the Dubai real estate market, Stéphane Maman is available to advise you, guide you, and offer you the best and most beautiful real estate deals in Dubai.

As a French, Belgian, or Swiss citizen, can I buy real estate in Dubai?

Yes, you can buy both apartments and houses in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates has liberalized its real estate laws to allow foreigners to purchase real estate in so-called "freehold areas".

By buying a property in these areas, you obtain full ownership rights, including the right to sell or rent the property. However, this is only valid if you act as a private individual. Companies from the DACH region are not allowed to purchase real estate. However, you can invest through a company established in Dubai.

What is the price of a condominium apartment in Dubai?

As you may know, apartment prices in Dubai vary considerably. They depend on factors such as location (proximity to certain sites or attractions), size, year of construction, and apartment amenities, which go far beyond a bathroom, a bedroom with a bed, or private parking.

Luxury residences in Dubai generally offer many community living options, entertainment, and nearby shopping. Amenities may include access to a gym, private laundry service, lounge area, clubhouse, barbecue area, solarium, outdoor yoga space, children's play area, and even a private cinema.

In general, it can be said that you can acquire an apartment starting from approximately 140,000 euros. However, for luxury real estate located in privileged locations, the purchase price can reach millions.

Is it wise to rent an apartment in Dubai?

No, renting is not recommended from an investor's point of view. By buying real estate, you not only save on rental fees but also benefit from capital appreciation.

What about operating costs in Dubai?

Operating costs in Dubai are often significantly lower than in our country. They vary depending on the location of the property, especially between hotel complexes with serviced apartments and residential projects with condominium apartments. In many cases, they even include additional services, such as 24-hour security, water/pool cleaning, or a cinema or fitness center.

Why is Prestige Immobilier Dubai the best contact for real estate purchase in Dubai?

Our service goes beyond the usual offer in the sector. We are available 7 days a week (even on Sundays and holidays), and our work far exceeds that of a simple real estate agent. In fact, Stéphane Maman (and his team) are like your personal advisor.

Prestige Immobilier Dubai offers comprehensive investment advice and accompanies you throughout the purchasing process. We will be happy to enlighten you on all tax and legal factors, explain the different real estate developers, and assist you in your visa application process.

Buying an apartment in Dubai: what are the guarantees for me?

For "off-plan" projects in Dubai, the developer offers a one-year warranty on any repairs to your property and a ten-year warranty on the building itself. These guarantees offer you additional security and confidence in investing in quality real estate.

If I buy an apartment in Dubai, do I own it 100%?

Yes, when you buy an apartment in Dubai, it can be acquired either under the "leasehold" concept or the "freehold" concept. With the "leasehold" model, you buy the right to use the property for a specified period, usually 99 years. At the end of the leasehold, the contract can generally be extended.

In the freehold model, on the other hand, you acquire unlimited ownership of the real estate. This means that the housing belongs to you 100% and you have full control over it. It is important to make the distinction between these two models as they involve different rights and conditions.

How to find the right real estate agent in Dubai?

Finding the right real estate agent in Dubai is essential to achieve your real estate goals. As an experienced and trustworthy real estate agent in Dubai, Stéphane Maman is happy to assist you with his in-depth knowledge of the Dubai real estate market and offers tailor-made solutions to meet your needs.

Thanks to his professional network and expertise, Stéphane Maman helps you find the best real estate deals and advises you on legal and more aspects.

What is the Dubai Land Department (DLD)?

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) is an important institution in Dubai, responsible for regulating and overseeing the real estate market. The DLD is responsible for registering real estate transactions, maintaining the land register, and ensuring compliance with construction rules and quality standards. It plays a crucial role in ensuring transparency, legal security, and fairness in Dubai's real estate market. The DLD also serves as an information source for investors and offers services such as issuing property certificates and conducting evaluations.

As an experienced real estate agent in Dubai, we are familiar with the functions and procedures of the DLD and can assist you with all your questions regarding buying real estate in Dubai.

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